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At the Now I See A Person Institute (NISAPI), we hear stories of our clients in their attempts for healing and find ‘justness” within the parameters of healing from trauma and significant symptoms. As previously detailed both in these podcasts and our ongoing research, we collaborate with those who have lost hope and have had many relationships with therapies, hospitalizations, medications, and institutionalizations. Researching these options and choices to traditional services is our mission. Our intent in sharing our podcast is to invite collaborative methods and ideas. We wish for our colleagues and those who are hopeless to realize there are options, choices, and alternatives to historical constructs, and that these can co-participate in healing and transformation.

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Tuesday Dec 20, 2022

A person describes her healing journey and the courage she found in trusting the humanity of others when others in her life have not been supportive of her. 


Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

One of the people we were in conversations with wanted to share her view on what was helpful and what wasn't helpful within her journey. 

Monday Oct 24, 2022

The narrative of a mother describes how she was able to have an alternative journey when her first daughters' journey was proven unsuccessful. She describes through finding an alternative way to hospitalizations with collaborative talking and using welcoming language helped save her daughters life. Please share with other parents out there who are experiencing hopelessness. If you have any experiences to share or would like us to speak about please let us know. 

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

A wonderful woman on our podcast describes what helped her when she was feeling hopelessness, tired of trauma and desperate for change. With therapists led by process ethics she was able to create her own healing. Our team was there to support her but she was the creator of her own healing! Healing is created when someone genuinely listens and believes in the Other. After 13 minutes there is a ten second silence in the recording so please be patient it will come back. 

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

An inspiring person, shares their journey in the mental health system and the importance of experiencing hope. It is important for this speaker to share, “because when she was looking for other stories to relate to, they were very difficult to find. It was discouraging to not be able to find positive solutions”. Listen to what was helpful in her journey of healing from trauma. 

Friday Aug 12, 2022

From our philosophical stance, we do not see patterns, labels, or intricate theories through the lenses we use. Collaborative-Dialogical Practices and Process Ethics help the helper, to listen and to see a person and conjointly find and create spaces where greatness and self-discovery can occur. Self-discovery, for us, represents clients discovering for themselves what they desire and how to obtain it.

Friday Aug 05, 2022

An interview with a person that we have been in therapeutic conversations with. They discuss their experience of previous therapies and a part of her journey where she felt coerced. This will be the first of a series of interviews. 

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

How safe conversational spaces lead to wellness. In journeys to wellness, it is important rather than calling it mental health challenges, we create a space where the person's voice is heard and how their voice is prominent. As Harlene Andersen says it is about being a conversational artist. We consider how we hold these conversational spaces as sacred. 

It is dark inside a box.

Thursday Jun 23, 2022

Thursday Jun 23, 2022

We reflect on a person we are in conversation with. This person's powerful expression on mental health services goes as follows:
"People who received diagnoses shouldn't let themselves get discouraged because the mind is so much bigger than the categories and our mind and our experience are so much bigger than those made to put us in a box. It's dark inside this box."

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

Our clients are usually given a diagnosis before coming to NISAPI. Diagnoses unfortunately can paint an alternative identity of deficiency, self-doubt, and of being incurable. It can leave the trauma and person hidden in the picture of treatment. Revisiting the past and seeing people through their authentic lens. Also, revisiting the work of Harry Goolishian. Please see 

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